Colors in The Great Gatsby

The color yellow was used most frequently when there was a death. One of the first things that Fitzgerald wrote about when Myrtle died was when they laid her on a table in the garage. He wrote “The garage, which was lit only by a yellow light in a swinging wire basket overhead”. The yellow of Gatsby’s car represents corrupt dishonesty and deception. Wilson her husband was in a dazed state, and kept referring to his car only as the “Yellow car” (Page157) “That big yellow car” (Page141). That car led to Gatsby’s demise. Just before Gatsby was shot by Wilson, Gatsby decided he was going to take a swim in his pool. He had not used it all summer. The chauffeur helped Gatsby fill up a mattress he was going to use in the pool. “Gatsby shouldered the mattress and started for the pool. Once he stopped and shifted it a little, and the chauffeur asked him if he needed help, but he shook his head and in a moment disappeared among the yellowing trees.” Page (161-162) Perhaps another sign of his demise.

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